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Government Relations

What the heck is going on in DC?  And why you should pay attention!

NCBTA/GBTA’s Government Relations program brings the collective voice of business travel to Washington.

One of the primary benefits of NCBTA/GBTA membership is an effective Government Relations program.  In addition to lobbying on members’ behalf, NCBTA/GBTA gives members opportunities to get involved in issues that affect business travel through the Legislative Action Centerevents in Washington, and Business Travel PAC.

Business travel accounts for a significant portion of the travel industry, one of the most important segments of the American economy, which employs one in every seven workers.  Travel plays an integral role in the success of American businesses in every industry. NCBTA/GBTA members contribute heavily to that success, directing more than $170 billion in travel & entertainment expenses each year.  Laws and policies that affect NCBTA/GBTA members and their companies’ travelers have a real impact on American businesses and the economy. 

Business Travel PAC is GBTA’s political action committee. It enables GBTA’s advocacy team to raise money to support political candidates for federal office who know and understand – and support – the issues of business travelers.

Help us to ensure that congressional seats are held by individuals who understand business travelers’ issues and challenges and can have a positive impact on your livelihood.  

Get Involved Today!

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  Please consider making a donation and help us reach our goal by July.  Donations can be in any amount.   


The next meeting February 1st in Raleigh, NC

To make a donation on-line, visit https://secure.donationreport.com/donate.html?key=WLXVYZPCEMI1

You also have an opportunity to speak out on behalf of your profession, employer and industry.  Check out these links to the government relations activities of GBTA and get involved today:

  •  Issues -- This section is meant to help you navigate and understand the public policy issues that affect your travel program.

  • The Legislative Action Center -- current news on legislation affecting business travel and interactive opportunities to make your voice heard in Washington.

  • Business Travel PAC -- information on how this important political tool works for you and how you can get involved.

For further questions about our government relations efforts, please contact your NCBTA Legislative Liaisons, Brian Bostic at [email protected]g and Lena Sanok at [email protected]